★NEW★Participating in GSA program

★NEW★Participating in GSA program

【Taking the Peer Review Practicum】

Together with the undergraduate students I was able to learn what kind of writings are easier to be understood.
I feel that through the practice of peer review I have acquired the ability to organize assertions and to take an overall view on the text. In my research life, there are many occasions when I need to write texts, and I think these abilities will be useful to everyone.

【Taking the Advanced Leadership Workshop】


The theme in the facilitation learning was to encourage dialogue.
To practice that I went all the way back to think what is dialogue and could gain personal insight awareness.
Also, by participating as a facilitator in small group classes of the Tokyo Tech Visionary Project, I learned what works well and what does not, and it was a very valuable experience.

  • Completed Peer Review Practicum in 2019, GSA-R
  • Completed Advanced Leadership Workshop in 2020, GSA-F