Facilitation and peer review are new words to me; what do they refer to?

The GSA program is interested particularly in students who ask this. Join the GSA program and you can experience and learn about facilitation and peer review work. (The etymology for the word “facilitate” includes meanings such as to promote, or to enable with ease, and is widely used today to describe working with groups. Peer means “co-member” or “colleague.”)

What type of person is suited to be a GSA?

All types of people have the aptitude and potential to become a GSA. Members of the learning community represent diverse capabilities and personalities. Each works to grow and release their potential.

How do the undergraduate students view the presence of GSAs?

They appear as senior students not far apart in years, friendly, and ready with appropriate advice. They are also role models.

Do other universities here and abroad have GSA Programs, too?

The University of California at Berkeley and California Institute of Technology have similar systems.
Tokyo Tech has embarked on the first large-scale program in Japan.

Can multiple GSA certifications be pursued?


Is GSA certification in a fixed sequence?

No. The sequence can be chosen freely.

Is GSA certification an official public qualification?

It is not like a national certification. The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Tokyo Tech certifies and confers the certification (GSA Certificate).

Can a doctoral-program student register as a GSA?

The program is established principally for graduate-program students, but doctoral-program students may also work as GSAs and receive GSA certification.